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Professional Custom Thesis & Dissertation Writing

Online Thesis Dissertation Writing Services

BestEssaySites.com is the best source for high quality custom academic writing. Our customer satisfaction rate is through the roof compared to most others in this industry – and we have more repeat customers and customer loyalty than our competitors. Our success is thanks to our exceptional quality and our great customer service.

Our Thesis & Dissertation Division gives you the very best of the best. Our incredible customer service carries you through the writing process which gives you the ultimate in professional academic writing, supported by excellent research into your topic.

The Thesis and Dissertation Writing Process

Here's what you need to know about the way we work. Our whole process is laid out for you here, what you need to give us and what you can expect to get.

  1. The first thing that happens when you place an order (whether by phone or online) is you'll get a call from one of our senior Academic Advisors. Our senior Academic Advisors work exclusively with our thesis and dissertation clients – their knowledge and expertise is what makes the customer service experience for our graduate writing clients a cut above. You will discuss your vision and goals for your project – be ready with some detailed ideas about where you want to take your graduate document!
  2. We give your project to the best writer for the job. Your senior Academic Advisor will decide on the best writer for you, based on your subject and goals, and then your writer will start doing some research into your topic.
  3. Once your writer does some preliminary research, your senior Academic Advisor will call you again to go over the results of that research. This is your opportunity to make any changes you have to the initial goals and details of your project. You may have had new ideas since your first conversation, or maybe hearing about the research your writer conducted will cause you to want to change something.
  4. The writing begins! When we're working on documents and long and complex as a thesis or dissertation, we write each chapter individually. That gives you an opportunity to review each chapter before we start the next one.
  5. To make your most important academic document as perfect as possible, we give each chapter back to you to review. You can work with your instructor during this phase, and determine what kind of revisions need to be made before sending it back to us to work on again. With each chapter, we learn better and better what your expectations are, and are able to meet them with less revision each time.
  6. When we've finished writing and revising all the chapters in your thesis or dissertation, we send you the final draft – and you're the proud owner of the highest quality thesis or dissertation available.

What Makes Us the Best?

There are a lot of other academic writing companies out there, and most of them seem a little bit untrustworthy. Most of them are a little bit untrustworthy. But there are some good ones, and among those good ones, we're the best. Here's why:

  • We're an established business with over a decade of experience. We have permanent office space and when you call, 24 hours a day, one of our real live employees will be in our office to pick up the phone.
  • Our writers are hired for their writing ability and their subject expertise. On top of that, we only hire writers who are native English Speakers – and our writers all have Masters degrees or PhDs in their fields.
  • We've worked for tens of thousands of clients, and all but a few of them were 100% satisfied with the work we did for them.

Give us a call anytime – even right now – and we'll give you answers to all your questions about how our process works. When you understand everything we can do to make your life easier, and you're satisfied we're the right people to handle your thesis or dissertation, we can get the process started straight away, over the phone.

If you're ready to get started on your essay assignment right now:


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